Core Services

Patent & Market Research

A Patent Search is the first step to determine if your product idea is worth pursuing. Market Research will provide you with valuable information to determine the size of the market, competition and uncover any unique features. This helps our product development team design solutions and features that are unique to your idea.

Industrial Design Services

Designing and developing your idea into a product is an important step towards seeing it realized in the market. Our experienced design teams can help you bring your creation to life using Concept & Ideation (Sketches), 3D Concept Renders and 3D Animation. The difference between a good idea and a great product often comes down to how that idea is designed. A good design should take into account how the product will be used, how it will be made and how it should feel or its aesthetic. Our team will take the extra step to help you create a design that not only emphasizes the benefits of your idea, but adds value as well.


We have engineers that can perform research into your concept to help make sure your product concept is feasible and practical. This can help you avoid mistakes like pursuing product ideas and concepts that aren’t able to be manufactured the way you thought. Having an engineer review your design and concept is essential in the early stages of any idea.


Nothing sells a product better than putting your hands on a physical representation of your product. Creative Consulting Firm LLC can assist you in creating top of the line Prototypes. Using Solidworks and other software solutions to create detailed design files, we can help you with 3-D Printing, Machining, Soft Goods, Demonstration Only, Test Units and Working Prototypes.


We offer expert consultants that can consult with you directly about the process of designing and developing a new product idea as well as business consultants that can help you with Business Set-up, Investor Pitch Decks, Business Identity Packages, Marketing Strategies and Branding Workshops to help you reach your full potential.

Marketing Materials

Every product or company should have strong marketing materials to help attract buyers or customers. Our designers can help with Websites, Brochures, Flyers, Letterhead, Business Cards, Sell sheets and more.


Your branding is essentially how you present yourself to customers and clients. Our professionals can help you create your Business Identity, Product and Company Name, Logo, Market position, Tag lines, Mission Statements and more. We have a step by step process to help you present your company or products, position your business in the marketplace and match your brand with customers.

Mobile App Development

Apps are the new great frontier for entrepreneurship and creativity, allowing more people than ever to go into business for themselves. If you have a great idea for a new mobile app we can help you get it started.

Patent Service Referral Service

We provide a complimentary patent referral service to our clients. With over a decade in the business we have made some valuable contacts that can help in the areas of patents, trademarks, copyrights and more.
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